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Melaver & Associates featured by the Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership

Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership


September 2012

IGELians Roger Bowman (Class 2012), Tommy Linstroth (Class 2008), Martin Melaver (Class 5), and Patty McIntosh (Class 2) are collaborating on a comprehensive sustainability strategy for Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. As Gulfstream’s Sustainability Manager, Roger brought in Tommy’s firm, Trident Sustainability Group (tridentsustainability.com),along with Melaver & Associates to assist Gulfstream toward its goal to “set the world standard for sustainable business practice.”

These four IGELians have shaped a multi-year strategy involving development of a sustainability training manual for employees, grassroots “green boot camp” training sessions at all of Gulfstream’s North American facilities, a top-down business strategy working with a cross-functional leadership team, and GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) reporting.

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